Kaoru Parry - Luna & Curious

“With her extensive knowledge, experience and network within the industry, Gabby at Shinerhilldesign was able to offer us a number of options in manufacturing our designs. Gabby shares our strong belief in provenance and is committed to transparent product development. Clear and efficient communication and presentation has made the whole process a smooth and enjoyable experience.”

Paul Vogel - Paul Vogel Design

‘I was impressed with Gabby’s knowledge and commitment to product quality and affordability"

Mirvette Russo ‘Brand Strategist’

“Not only is Gabby an inspired designer, full of creativity backed by sound fabric knowledge, but she is also an excellent communicator and a well organised team player. She earns the trust of customers and suppliers alike through her consistently positive, clear minded approach to even the most complex of business challenges. It’s been a joy to work with Gabby over the past 6 years.”

Gary Kinsgley -’Fabric Technical Manager Dewhirst’

“I have enjoyed working with Gabby for many years and have always respected her design abilities which, coupled together with her outstanding inter-personal and presentation skills, make her quite special.

She has that rare ability to both be inventive and creative independently yet so able to interpret customers wishes on design trends and shade palette requirements brilliantly.

Gabby has also made it her personal quest to embrace ever changing computer technology used in the field of fabric and garment design, and together with an extensive knowledge of global fabric sources for value, service, innovation and quality, enables her to offer a very effective yet creative fabric design and total product bureau service”